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ADVANZ 4G for Accomplishments 

Mission Accomplishments
              Over the years, the car's Head Unit is not solely confined to just providing smooth music to the listener but had crossed boundaries into the car's CPU providing information like the Air Conditioning and OBD(On Board Diagnostic) readings etc.
We were very much enthralled by the development of the Mobile Phone industry especially the Android's phenomenon in the last few years.
We foresee that the car's Head Unit is not going to be just the above but as a tool linking it to the world of the Internet.
We want to link the car to the internet!
              We started embarking on this mission in 2009 and successfully developed this Advanced and Intelligent Car Media player in 2011 which can performed as a media player, OBD and GPS functions as well as connecting online to the World Of The Internet. Thanks to the dedications of our team of Engineers and partners who have worked nonstop to achieve this mission.
No boundaries!
Our products were introduced to the world market during the Hong Kong Electronic Fair in April 2012 and had received enormous response and soon it will be available to worldwide markets.

Future's Development

1) 360 Degree Satellite View while driving incorporating the use of 4 Cameras with the GPS system

2) 1080P High Definitions Video Output

3) The use of MHL (Mobile High Definition Links) cables  

4) Independent controls and functions of Rear LCDs without disrupting the main Head Unit

No Boundaries, Together, We Aimed To Be Forerunners!